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Wooden Easter Bunny Napkin Ring

Wooden Easter Bunny Napkin Ring

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Our charming Easter Bunny Napkin Ring is a delightful addition to your Easter-themed dining table and is sure to bring back memories of childhood Easter celebrations. This whimsical piece is expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail and is a perfect way to infuse a little nostalgia into your Easter festivities.

Crafted from high-quality 100% red oak, and a two-step finish with food grade mineral oil and natural waxes, our Easter Bunny Napkin Ring features a playful design in the shape of an adorable bunny, complete with cute carved bunny ears. The sturdy base ensures stability, while the intricate details on the rabbit add a touch of sophistication to your table decor.

Our Easter Bunny Napkin Ring is perfect for adding a touch of fun and nostalgia to your Easter celebrations. Whether you're hosting a brunch or dinner party, this delightful piece is sure to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Made with love and care, this Napkin Ring is designed to last for years to come and will become a treasured part of your Easter traditions. So why wait? Add a touch of Easter magic and nostalgia to your dining table with our Easter Bunny Napkin Ring today. Shop now and discover why it's the perfect finishing touch for your Easter-themed table decor.


  • The Easter Bunny Napkin Rings bring a sense of natural nostalgia to your dining table.
  • Created with an enduring design and construction, you will be able to decorate your Easter tablescape for generations to come.


  • In the event that the napkin holders need to be washed, wash with soap and water and generously apply beeswax in all areas of the ring.
  • After applying beeswax, wait 30 minutes and then use a cloth to remove the excess.


  • Napkin ring measures 4.25" X 2.25" X 1" (L x W x H)
  • Constructed from 100% red oak wood
  • Finished with a two-step application of food-grade mineral oil and natural wax
  • Item is food safe
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