About Us

On the left a couple on their wedding day, with the man standing behind the woman and putting his arms around her waist. On the right, arrows to each person indicating their names. Lauren is featured as the quilter and quilt pattern designer. Patrick is featured as the wood and metal artisan.

Hello and Bonjour!

We are the Metangs, Patrick and Lauren, and we are thrilled that you found us!


My love for carpentry started when I was a child after fashioning my very first piece of furniture, a stool. However, it blossomed when I lived in Maine. I took my first woodworking class, made a desk for Lauren as a wedding gift, and haven't looked back since.


I have a vast heritage of entrepreneurial creators, from textile artists to wood and metal fabricators. I started sewing and quilting Christmas gifts many years ago and have been hooked ever since. What started off as a thrifty adventure has become a much needed creative outlet.


We are trained as scientists and work in the biomedical field researching how to better treat patients with traumatic brain injuries and cancer, respectively.

Our creations incorporate history, culture, and natural resources. We seek to provide an opportunity for our customers to experience the world around them and to explore in new and exciting ways.

We live, work, and play in Dallas, Texas with our two children and our cat, Lola. We love to expand our creativity through gardening, cooking, and baking. Patrick is an avid video game enthusiast and a gym junkie. Lauren loves deep conversations about life and a good glass of wine.

A bientôt !