Timeless Blooms of Spring: Discover Lavender as the Ultimate Symbol of Rest and Relaxation

Timeless Blooms of Spring: Discover Lavender as the Ultimate Symbol of Rest and Relaxation

Lavender: a timeless and versatile flower

What first comes to mind when you think of lavender? Maybe lavender scented lotion or soap? Maybe it's the essential oil that you use to help calm yourself after a long and exhausting day?

How we use lavender

We use lavender as a way to calm our anxieties and sometimes even in cooking. I did actually make a lavender chicken one time. For some reason I thought that the lavender was actually rosemary and didn't even try to smell it. Oops. Chicken tasted great though!

Close up of two hands in a lavender field

Brief history of the uses of lavender

Lavender has been grown and used for thousands of years as a way to help people suffering from insomnia, anxiety, and even digestive issues.  This fragrant plant is native to the Mediterranean region and many civilizations, from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks and Romans to even Queen Elizabeth I of England, have benefitted from this miraculous plant.

The ancient Egyptians used lavender in the mummification process and as a perfume. The Greeks and Romans used it for bathing, cooking, and for its healing properties. During the Middle Ages, people started using lavender to repel insects and to add a sweet and fresh aroma to their homes, which then turned into a widely popular perfume.

Today, lavender is still widely used for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. It is used to help treat anxiety, depression, insomnia, and headaches. Lavender essential oil is also used in aromatherapy and as a natural insect repellent. In the culinary world, lavender is used to flavor baked goods, teas, and desserts. It is also used in soaps, lotions, and other beauty products for its fragrance and soothing properties.

Overall, lavender has a rich and varied history, and its many uses have been appreciated for centuries. From ancient Egypt to modern times, lavender continues to be a beloved herb for its beauty, fragrance, and therapeutic properties.

Florals for Quilt Block Mania

As the fragrant flower of rest and relaxation, we've chosen lavender as our quilt block for the March 2023 collection of Quilt Block Mania. We love not only the timelessness of lavender, but also the warming and inviting scent it offers.

Quilt block of lavender flowers

 The Lavender quilt block is a close look at the top of the lavender plant, which has 3 flowers. Use this block in a sampler quilt, as a focus block in a medallion quilt, or even as a small pillow. We sure do love pillows around here! 

Cut fabric pieces in purple, green, and cream

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